A young couple's farewell dinner leads to an emotional crash that exposes undisclosed fears, desires and life-lies.

In the standstill of the pandemic summer, a young couple wants to start anew and move from Hanover to Berlin. To say goodbye, they are throwing a farewell dinner.

But good friends cancel — and uninvited guests show up. Soon, secret longings, misunderstandings and human abysses of the privileged dinner guests are revealed. Here, everyone is fighting only for themselves: a “bubble” that seems to have everything and yet threatens to despair of itself. 

Lukas Nathrath, Regisseur

All the characters in our film crave adventures and distractions. Despite their unhappiness, they desperately want to appear cheerful and strong, which offers a lot of tragicomic potential for interpersonal conflicts and awkwardness. For me, this makes ONE LAST EVENING in parts a comedy of manners about a “bubble” of privileged people who materially have everything, yet despair of themselves. It fascinates me to portray the hopes and self-delusions that people need to survive: Characters who try to save face but eventually lose their composure.

Lukas Nathrath, Regisseur

We shot this film in just one week, eager to come together creatively after months of isolation. This energy has rubbed off on our characters, who all crave for adventures and distractions. They are unhappy and lonely, but desperately want to appear cheerful and strong. This provides a lot of tragicomic potential for conflicts and awkwardness. I am interested in portraying characters with hopes and self-delusions who try to save face but eventually lose their composure.

Locarno Film Festival 2022 - First Look Award

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023 - Tiger Competition / Audience Top 10

Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2023 - "Best Director" / Nomination for "Best Actor" 

Internationales Filmfest Emden Norderney 2023 - Jury Prize (Creative Energy Award)

Shanghai International Film Festival - Opening Film International Panorama

Festival du Cinéma Allemand Paris - Audience Award

Valladolid International Film Festival - Youth Jury Award

Melbourne International Film Festival

Riga International Film Festival

Ljubljana International Film Festival

Fünf Seen FIlmfestival

Transit Film Festival

German Film Festival Peking

Univerciné Festival Nantes - Best Film

Augenblick Film Festival Strasbourg - Best Film

German Film Critics Award - Nominated for Best Debut Feature / Nominated for Best Editing 

Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, Pauline Werner, Isabelle von Stauffenberg, Susanne Dorothea Schneider, Pascal Houdus, Amelle Schwerk, Nils Rovira-Muñoz, Valentin Richter, Julius Forster, Nikolai Gemel

Script: Lukas Nathrath, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer

Director: Lukas Nathrath

Producers: Lukas Nathrath, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer and Linus Günther

Ass. Director: Kerem Ergüm

Production manager: Hannah Nathrath, Josephine Hasenjäger

Director of Photography: Philip Jestädt

Sound: Evgenji Ussach, Tom Beckemeier, Swantje Alter

Editor: Silke Olthoff

Color Grading: Evgenij Ussach, Philip Jestädt

Mix: Frederik Thomsen, Tom Beckermeier, SAE Institut Hannover

Music: Sebastian Doppelbauer, Constantin Wittgenstein, Slade Templeton, Chris Köbke

Production Designer: Saskia Stoltze

Costume Designer: Lucie Bates

Hair & Make-up: Clara Nathrath

A Doppelbauer Nathrath production in co-production with klinkerfilm

The shootings were independently produced without a budget.

Post-production supported by nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH (mediatalents funding) funding and by Jan Maier / Forum Cinemas Offenburg.